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  • Black Nero
  • Blue Magma
  • Golden Horn
  • Onyx
  • Opera
  • Red Marble
  • Tokyo Blanc
  • Tokyo Jaune
  • Tortoiseshell
  • White Berlingot

This collection of beautiful hair accessories are all handmade for us by our handpicked manufacturers, each item is lovingly formed with care to ensure that the end result is an exceptional quality product you will love to wear each and every day. We know you love your hair and we know you will love this selection of claws, clips, combs and barrettes. The main component of these pieces is Cellulose Acetate, a natural material derived from cotton and wood, it is lightweight, strong and amazingly smooth, which makes it ideal for hair products as it minimises snagging. Combined with quality springs, clips and fastenings you will have a hair kind hair accessory built to last.

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