Our Story


It all started in 2003...

Our founder had a passion for quality Hair Accessories and was finding it more and more difficult to source products that were affordable but still made the way they used to be. The high street offering was more and more becoming the sort of product which is made to sell cheap and throw away and at the same time becoming brittle, snaggy, and less hair friendly.

We spend so much time and money battling to keep our hair in perfect condition, with frequent trips to the hair salon, selecting the best shampoos, conditioners, and serums money can buy - we love our hair! 

Why should we take second best when it comes to our Hair Accessories? 

The decision was made to seek out and provide Quality Hair Accessories making them available to the Women of the United Kingdom and beyond, so we have forged strong relationships with artisan manufacturers primarily in France and around the world who share our key values to produce quality, whilst operating with a Workforce who are looked after and an Environmentally sensitive philosophy.

We work hard to achieve our goals and make sure we provide products we are proud to put our name on and that you will keep coming back to time and time again.

Think of Quality Hair Accessories then think Ebuni Hair Accessories.

We believe that you should never compromise when it comes to Your Hair and you can be certain that we won't!


Although the new world of online shopping was in its infancy, we decided to launch ourselves using this exciting new channel as it allowed us to reach the widest possible audience, keeping costs down for both us and our customers and delivering a touch of luxury direct to the doorstep.

Delivering Quality Hair Accessories to your door since 2003.