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Ricia B.
Strong quality 'springs'

Daily or several yrs I have depended on Ebuin* claws
previously purchased. I need them to hold my 55 inch long hair in a bun. Many other 'low profile' claws have not been able to work as well as these French clips. The recent 6 small clips were purchased to hold my 'hair knot' on top my head under a sun hat. I only wish for more selection of utilitarian low profile clips 8-9 cm in length. The bigger low profile previously purchased Trialed from you have been a disapointment for what I need. I can not do with out your claws. They are a supeior product.)

(Please contact me if you have any stock not on the www, I had one spring break after 3 yrs daily use last week, the tiny even 6 at a time are not as efficient.) You may use my name. SpocksDaughter UK

Tatiana R.
Great clips

Great for two buns and good quality.

Adeline Small Hair Claws

I have been pleased with the Adeline Small Hair Claws. They are nice quality and colour for brunette hair and you get two! I have fine coller length hair and the claw is strong enough to tie it all back.